Two months ago who would have predicted the world and business landscapes would have changed so much in so little time. Many have said to me in recent weeks that setting up a new business couldn’t have come at a worse time. Envo has found the opposite is true however, with business very much open. Being a fresh new business such as Envo’s has intrinsic qualities built into its DNA such as flexibility, dynamism and a willingness to succeed no matter what hurdles are put in its way. Envo EHS Consulting has also benefitted greatly from being part of the business community at the prestigious Sci-Tech Daresbury science and technology campus in Cheshire which is still open for business (and indeed providing invaluable expertise and services to the UK government on Covid-19 matters), utilising business support and knowledge sharing accordingly.

The onset of Covid-19 has brought new opportunities to Envo that previously were not there:

  • Supporting clients where internal resources have been constrained and impacted by Covid-19;
  • Adapting and making efficiencies in Envo’s approach to providing EHS/ESG due diligence to clients and thereby improving its transactions advisory service line, making it more sustainable for clients;
  • Becoming a contingent resource to environmental and sustainability consultancies as a due diligence, ESG and auditor specialist, in cases where resources have been affected;
  • Refocusing its service provision to prioritise the provision of environmental, social and governance (ESG) to financial and corporate clients, with a sharpening of the ‘social’ and ‘governance’ subject areas such as health, business continuity and corporate responsibility.

Envo is proud to support businesses, whether financial or corporate clients, environmental consultancies or law firms alike, always putting clients first. In challenging times such as these Envo is well placed to support businesses and consultancies drawing on over 25 years of consulting experience. For more information please contact Nick Biagetti on +44 (0) 7818 016 022, email, or visit Envo’s website on: